Shibori is a dying technique that typically involves the folding, twisting or bunching of cloth and binding it, then dying it in indigo. The tightly bound areas of fabric will resist the dye and remain white while the other areas of cloth will take the blue dye in distinctive patterns created by the resistance. The result is a beautiful combination of carefully structured design with the organic freedom of the unpredictable.

One of the richest textile traditions, Shibori has been used for centuries all around the world to create rich color, bold patterns and intricate motifs.

Each sarong is hand crafted in Thailand using traditional Shibori techniques and dyed using plant-based, natural indigo. No chemicals have been added to fix the dye, thus crocking may occur. The material is 100% Rayon, a lower impact fiber that is made from natural cellulose sources such as wood pulp or cotton. Looks and feels like a soft cotton but with more drape. Color, pattern and motif may vary from sarong to sarong, making the sarong you choose and receive uniquely yours.